Blyskawica. - Polish. - 1 photo

Photo courtesy of Mr. Tom Redman.

This ship, of the Polish "Grom" class, was built by J. Samuel Whites of Cowes.
At the time of her completion she, and her sisters "Grom" and "Burza",
were the fastest and most heavily armed pre WW11 destroyer.

On the outbreak of WW11, as Germany attacked into Poland, these ships made their way out of the Baltic,
as per "Operation Peking", and placed themselves under Royal Naval control.
She received her RN pattern "Pennant No H34" on 3rd September 1939.
At that time, whilst having a refit in the same yard that built her,
she put up such a ferocious anti-aircraft barrage with her guns that "Cowes" was saved from major damage.

"Blyskawica" served with distinction throughout WW11, as did all other "Polish" forces,
and this ship is now preserved as the oldest surviving WW11 destroyer in the world at "Gydnia".

There are numerous accounts of her service and actions to be found with a "Google" search,
and I shall provide a link to one them below


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