Eridge. - 2 photo's.

                                                           photo 1 above courtesy of Mr. Mike Pocock.                                                                     

My thanks to Mr. "Chalky" White for telling me a little of the history shown in these photos.
She was damaged in action off El Daba, Libya, by an Italian 1 man torpedo boat on the 29th.August 1942. and 6 of her company were lost.
She is seen here being towed into "Alexandria" by her sister ship "HMS Aldenham" after a 15 hour journey,
under sustained air attack for most of that time.
The ship in the background was an "Interned French Battleship", the "Lorraine",  and some of her crew were heard "Jeering" as the damaged ship,
along with her dead and wounded aboard, passed by.

 And now we have a "United Europe" ?? - I don't think so !!.  

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