Matapan. - 3 photo's.

photo courtesy of Mr. David Downey.

My thanks to Mr. John Harris who tells me that the above photo was taken after some quite extensive,
and unattractive, modifications had been undertaken.
These were carried out after she had lay unused in the "Reserve Fleet" at Devonport from 1947 until 1970.
She was then taken up by the "Admiralty Underwater Weapons Research Establishment". (A.U.W.R.E.)
and used in this guise when she replaced HMS Verulam. 

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My thanks to Mr. George Knight for helping to find these Photo's.
George served on other "Battle Class" destroyers, notably HMS Jutland between the years of 1947 to 1950. 

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George has also directed me to another intriguing photo,
this time of HMS Alamein, in which both "A" and "B" turrets have strange appendages on the ends of their 4.5" guns.
This was apparently a "Fuse system", possibly to check muzzle velocities or what-have-you,
and it is thought that all the "Battles" had this fitting at one time or another.
It may have had something to do with the American designed Mk.37 gunnery director tower. 

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to view these fittings and, if you have any further information concerning them,
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