Wager. - 4 photo's.

Photo 1 above courtesy of Mr. Mark Teadham.
Given that she seems to be flying a "Paying Off" Pennant and has a "Post B.P.F." paint scheme along with her earlier WW11 pennant no.,
this photo probably shows HMS Wager returning from Hong Kong to the UK during late 1945, prior to being placed in reserve during January 1946
( Thanks for this info goes to Mr Dave Mallinson ).

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Photo 2 above courtesy of Mr. Colin Urry. Photo's 3 & 4 above are originally from the F.W.Collins collection in New Zealand.

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The obvious and rather misleading disparity with this, and other ships, Pennant No.s throughout my site,
is down to a little known quirk of the R.N's. at the end of WW11 when they were sending ships out to serve in the "British Pacific Fleet". 

As well as the misleading "Pennant No.s", there was also the matter of the somewhat strange colour scheme adopted.
This scheme, comprising a rather bright blue panel along her flanks along with a light grey overall colour elswhere, can be clearly seen in the above 3 photo's.
This alteration to Pennant No's. and colour scheme only lasted for a few months after the end of WW11
and it wasn't until around 1946 or 1947 that the more readily recognized series of "Flag Superior" pennant numbering was adopted.

 The colour scheme took a little longer to settle down and many ships carried a "Dark Grey" hull and a "Light Grey" upperworks into the 1950's.  

This whole fascinating, but largely unknown, even by the RN records office, subject has been investigated quite intensely by Mr. David Mallinson
and some of his findings can be seen included on a website found by
"Clicking HERE.

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