Daring, type 45, - 12 photos.

The 1st 3 photo's above were taken as she was entering Plymouth prior to "Navy Days Weekend", 5th and 6th September 2009.
I have now removed some earlier photo's kindly sent that showed her at Launch and fitting out.

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photo's 4 & 5 above courtesy of Mr. John MacDonald.

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Photo's 6 & 7 above courtesy of Mr. Dave Wilkinson.

All of the 4 photo's above were taken at the start of her "Builders Sea Trials", hence the "Blue Ensign".
She will be a welcome addition to the Fleet, but is certainly not the "Prettiest Ship" the RN has owned. 

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Photo's 8 & 9 above show Daring ( outboard ) and Dauntless on a dreary March 20th 2010 at Devonport.
This is something that probably won't be seen for much longer if our "Labour" Government stays in power and gets its way. - Warships in Devonport !!!

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Entering Plymouth on a "Cold and Chilly" Wednesday 4th February 2015.
"Nu Labour" has now, thankfully, long been gone, but what we were left with has been no better !!.
A "General Election" is due this coming May, will there be an improvement ?? - Time will tell, although I very much doubt it !!

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A "Short Video" clip is below showing her entering and then leaving "Plymouth Sound". - 4th February 2015.

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