"M.G.B's". - 13 Boats.

I have placed these boats into "Pennant No." order.

The majority of the photo's in this section are courtesy of Mr. Mark Teadham, and information notes are thanks to Mr. Tim Parr.

1). - Mgb. 16.    2). - Mgb. 43.   3). - Mgb. 52.

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 4). - Mgb. 53.   5). - Mgb. 86. 

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6). - Mgb. 305. - Grey Owl. 7). - Mgb. 308. - Grey Wolf. 8). - Mgb. 309. - Grey Goose.
See notes on enlarged photo.

The two MGB's, 305 "Grey Owl" & 308 "Grey Wolf", are "Steam Gunboats" with the same "Origins" as MGB 309 "Grey Goose".
"Grey Goose", the one time command of Sir Peter Scott, was later, however, heavily modified. She was fitted with 2, out of the 3 only ever
produced, of the "Rolls Royce RM 60 3 stage Gas turbine marine engines.
The 3rd engine was sent to the USA and its whereabouts are now any-ones guess !! 

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Mgb 305 "Grey Owl" has lived on, after a fashion, here on Plymouth Breakwater.

The "Admiralty Lifting Vessel Freija" was in the process of recovering the remains of HMS Grey Owl,
which had sunk a few days earlier, in late 1947, when she too ended up on the rocks outside Plymouth Breakwater.
She was recovered and taken off the rocks for repairs.

The remains of "Grey Owl" weren't so lucky, and some have been thrown over the Breakwater.
Her "Steam Turbine" can be seen above.

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9). - Mgb. 312.   10). - Mgb. 317.  11). - Mgb. 322
MGB's. 312, 317 and 322 above are "Fairmile C's". One of this type, 314, was the lead ship on the St. Nazaire raid.

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11). - Mgb. 502.  12). - Mgb. 2009
Both of these photo's are courtesy of the "Memoirs of Charles William Milner DSM", Leading Telegraphist on Mtb. 718.

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