Photo's of R.F.A. ships presented by Mr. George Mortimore,

Ex. Chief Officer, R.F.A.

e-mail :- george.gm@tiscali.co.uk

More of George's photo's can be viewed on


in the "Photographers section".

I would like to extend my thanks to George for allowing me this opportunity to display some of his photographs.


Black Ranger  Dewdale      Derwentdale

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  Empire Gull    Engadine  Ennerdale (wrecked)

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Oakol    Orangeleaf   Robert Dundas

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Rowanol    Sea Crusader    Spa Beck

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Surf Patrol   Tideflow War Krishna

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Wave Baron Wave Knight  Wave Victor

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Included below are some Images of "Rough Weather" taken from the bridge of

R.F.A. Grey Rover.

and of a "Chaff" rocket (Radar Decoy) being fired from the same ship.

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