Argyll. - 9 photo's.

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    photo 3 above courtesy of Mr. Mark Teadham.

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Photo's 8 and 9 above show her "Dressed Overall" in Plymouth Sound to celebrate H.M. the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

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To view a short video clip of her entering Plymouth on Friday 30th March 2012, after her 6 month deployment,

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An "Interesting" event took place on Plymouth Hoe as HMS ARGYLL was due to sail in closer and perform a "Salute" as part of the "Celebrations"
for H.M. the Queen's "Diamond Jubilee".
An elderly local couple, Mr and Mrs Cox, had arrived early on the Hoe and obtained a seat with a good view.

The seat was in an area that had not been "cordoned off " from the public in any way whatsoever,
nor were any "Fluorescent Coated Jobsworths" anywhere to be seen.

Their Grandson was part of the ships complement, and they wanted to have an unobstructed  view she sailed past,
and then the "Jobsworths" turned up, in their full Yellow regalia.

"You'll have to move", Mr and Mrs Cox were brusquely ordered, "This seat is for David Cameron, The Prime Minister".
( It would be nice to think that Mr Cox asked "Who" ?, Never heard of him !! )

"I'm not moving" stated Mr Cox, "He's welcome to sit with us if he wants, but we were here first.
There are no barriers to suggest otherwise or to prevent public access, so let him sit somewhere else" !!

Eventually a compromise was reached, and Mr and Mrs Cox moved along the bench style seat.
The majority view held here in Plymouth was " Good on Him" !!

This event made the "National News", and fulsome apologies were seen to be offered to Mr and Mrs Cox.

Sadly, what didn't seem to get into the "News" was the widely held feeling here in Plymouth, and the South West of England in general,
that seeing that "Call Me Dave", and his chums in Parliament, have absolutely "Trashed" the Armed Services with their "Cuts",
and have had a devastating impact on the people of Plymouth and its Dockyard at Devonport,
he certainly had some "Gall" coming down here to wave at the ship as she sailed past !!. .

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