Kirkliston - 3 photo's.

  photo 2 above courtesy of Mr. Mark Teadham.

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Photo 3 above is courtesy of Mr. Ian Dickens, and shows the Funeral of his Grandfather
Admiral Sir Gerald Dickens.

His wish was to be buried at sea, and gathering on the ship at Chatham Dockyard is the family,
including his son Captain Peter Dickens who was then Captain of the Dockyard.
Next to him is Commander Claude Dickens and my father, Lieutenant Commander David Dickens.
A funny story is connected to the funeral. My grandfather died in London and the undertaker was booked to drive the cortege down to Chatham.
Because it was tide critical, a police escort had been confirmed to whisk them through the Medway towns,
and as they arrived at the Strood end of the A2, up ahead were two police cars.
The cortege duly followed them through housing estates and the back streets of Strood until a confused sergeant stopped his Panda car,
went back to them, and asked why on earth a hearse was following him.
It turns out that it wasn't the escort at all, and the correct one was summoned on the radio.
The final few miles of my grandfathers sedate and respectful journey ended up being taken at 70mph
with the correct escort clearing the way in order to get to the ship on time and make the tide,
with sons and widow roaring with laughter in the chasing cars!

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