Manxman - 6 photo's.

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Photo's 2,3,4,& 5 above are courtesy of Mr. Bob Hanley, - photo 6 courtesy of Mr. Steve Bampton.

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This ship, and the others of her class, "HMS Abdiel, Appollo, Latona and Welshman" were capable of making over 40 knots.
HMS Manxman was regarded as the fastest R.N ship in her time, and, so the story goes, she was at one time accompanying a U.S.Destroyer in the Med.
They were ordered to proceed to port, so the Destroyer signalled to "Manxman", "See you later in port - old girl"!.
She then cracked on a fair speed and started to draw away.
"HMS Manxman" then responded, increased her speed to over 40knots and, as she swept past the Destroyer, signalled "Do you want a tow ?"
I would love to hear this story confirmed by someone who was there !!

I have also now been contacted by a Mr Mike Salts who, as a "National Service Seaman" had served on HMS Manxman from 1955 to 1957.
He has also created a website for those who also have served on her, and I shall provide a "Link" to it below.!

I can now only hope that anyone viewing my site, or Mike's, can confirm the events mentioned above in the Med.!!


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