Excalibur, - 2 photo's.

This experimental boat, based on WW11 German propulsion designs, and the next boat in this section "HMS Explorer", used "High Test Peroxide".
This very dangerous substance acted as a catalyst, and enabled normal fuel to be burnt, without air.
This provided high pressure steam and, when fed through turbines, would produce high underwater speeds.
These two experimental boats also had a "Diesel-Electric" system,
as the "Peroxide" only provided for quite short underwater range, albeit at around 25 knots.
Further research was stopped however as "Nuclear Power" soon overtook its use,
without the dangers involved and special handling requirements,
and the tragic loss of "HMSm. Sidon" in June 1955, hastened its end.

It can still be found in some applications though, and is thought to have been involved in the "Hot Run", and tube explosion,
of a torpedo motor unit, and subsequent loss of, the Russian "Kursk" and the "USN Scorpion".

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