Sentinel. - 5 photo's.

                                                                                     photo 2 above courtesy of Mr. Mark Teadham.

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Seen during a "Plymouth Navy Days" display in the late 1950's. "HMS Cambrian D 85" is in the background.

During this display, which also involved the destroyer "HMS Chaplet" I think,
a "Squid or Limbo" ASW mortar ( dummy ) was fired.
This was to simulate an actual attack. The depth bomb sailed high across the basin but,
went adrift, as its propellant charge had been overestimated.
Instead of landing in the water in the North Western corner of the basin, it went about another 100 yards further.
This took it over some sheds and it landed, fortunately without injuring anyone,
in the coal dump where the "HMS Defiance" building now stands.
As an "impressionable" 12 or 13 year old, I thought this was absolutely wonderful, others, however, did not,
and my loud cheers died of embarrasment !!

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