Swiftsure, - 3 photo's.

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My thanks go to Mr. Robin Hinson who points out that these 2 photo's above are possibly of a " T " Class boat,
however, "Jason" has now confirmed that this is definitely HMS Swiftsure on her "Sea Trials" off Scotland during November 1971. 
He has the original copies of these photo's.

I have also received information from several others who state that the later models of the " S " boats also had the tall rudder as featured
on the newer " T " Class and that the 2nd picture shown above is one of HMS. Swiftsure.

My thanks go to Mr.Brian Hall of the, sadly now defunct, "Plymouth Submariners Association" website for this 3rd. picture above,
which is definitely of HMS Swiftsure.
Brian had stood by her during her build at Barrow-in-Furness and can be seen here as her 2nd. Cox'n at the left hand end of her Casing party.
She had originally been fitted with a "Small" upper rudder but had handled so badly on her Commissioning trials
that she was retro-fitted with a "Large" upper rudder for a time as per the later "T" class.
She is seen here leaving Barrow Docks post commissioning with her "Large" rudder in place.

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