Mermaid - 4 photo's of WW11 Sloop + 1 photo of 1960's "Mermaid".

                                                                                                                                                 photo 3 above courtesy of Mr. John Murray.

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                         Photo 4 above courtesy of Mr. Mike Fry.   

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       This ship has provided me with a bit of a "Headache" as she obviously does not belong to this section,
and I'm not going to make a completely new one just for her.

                                                               I am indebted however to a Mr. Keith Wren, who once served on her, for the information he has provided below.                                                  

She was originally built on the Clyde for Ghana, but delivery was never made due to a regime change in that country.
She languished around the UK for several years until she was finally passed over to the RN in 1973.
Trials were then conducted to find out what changes were needed to bring her to RN standards before she was re-fitted in Chatham;
the most important change was probably the removal from the Galley of the "Yam" boilers
and fitting "Deep fat fryers" in lieu - Jack prefers chips to "Yams" !!! 

She then went to Singapore as the Five Powers Defence Agreement ship in 1974,
returning to the UK at the end of 1975. She subsequently became involved in the so-called "Cod-war" with Iceland.
Later she was put up for disposal and transferred to Malaysia.

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